The Bells & Whistles

We have several ways you can customize your photobooth experience:

Use one of our Photo Presets – $30

original2      sepiatone2

blackandwhite2     highcontrast2











Use one of our border designs (custom title and date)- $30

SideNameDateBlloon2x2 BlueFlowers1x4 BlueFlowers2x2 cupcakes1x4 Cupcakes2x2 DarkStripes1x4 DarkStripes2x2 MusicMartinis1x4 MusicMartinis2x2 PinkStripesFlowers1x4  Trees1x4 Trees2x2

Holiday Special Borders!


 Or choose a totally custom border design – $70 

Give me a theme, or design it yourself! Examples (1×4’s cut in half automatically):


Use one of our backdrops – $30



Dandelion Trees


Additional hours

  •     $30/hr extra early setup
  •     $50/hr non-printing 
  •     $100/hr printing
  •     Travel more than 25 miles from 97223 – $1/mile roundtrip (e.g. if your event is 50 miles away, your travel cost is $25)